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QPSMR Favourite Features

We asked some of the team "What’s your favourite feature in QPSMR"?

This is what they came up with, including some wonderful photos. 

We particularly liked Sue’s little dog Skipper posing at her keyboard - all we need to do now is train him to use it!


Gosh where to start!

Umm … I think one of the most useful facilities is the ability to test data entry for just selected entries using QPSMR Companion

From the Main window, [Save], highlight the entries you’d like to work through, then select [Answers] [Selected entries test …] [OK] [Add record].

See Kat's Corner Tip 6 to see this feature in action!
  QPSMR - Ros Biggs  

  QPSMR - Kat Elvin   Kat

I love being able to drag and drop in Data drill down!

For once I've got nothing else to say!


I love being able to press the [F9] key at the "Data window" to increase the font size used for the question and response texts displayed on screen when I am entering data.
  QPSMR - Karen Nall  

  QPSMR - Sue Wilcox   Sue

The ability to set the letter case for character and verbatim entries is great, as it means I can just type the characters without needing to use the [Caps Lock] or [Shift] key.

So, with this setting applied, the letters I type for a postcode will all automatically be converted to UPPERCASE.


My favourite feature is pressing the [Ctrl] key and the letter [A] key at the same time, to select all responses to a multi-coded question when entering data.

It’s much quicker than entering them all separately.
  QPSMR - Marie Boardley  

  QPSMR - Sahra Winnan   Sahra

I like the way that QPSMR Companion quickly updates responses to open ended questions, using my code frames.

All I do is create a CSV file with an ENTRY column for each entry to update, followed by a column labelled VALUE holding the response numbers and a final column labelled TEXT holding the texts I wish to allocate to the responses.

Then it is simply a matter of opening the QDF and selecting, from the Main window, [Project] [Get response texts from file...] and choosing the CSV file; all entries are updated and the results shown on screen!


I like the coloured interviewer instruction bar.

It’s really useful for highlighting important information and is easy to notice when entering data.
  QPSMR - Betty Ozzard  

  QPSMR - Lynne Sanders   Lynne

I find the carry forward facility in HOLD filters really useful.

For example, if a set of answers need to add to 100% it is possible to HOLD data entry if they do not, and include the incorrect total as part of the filter text.

This allows me to check that I’ve entered the data accurately and also to quickly report any participant/interviewer errors.


Being a bit of a techie I like the QPSMR Companion [Paste special] [Block…] [Regular Expression search and replace] facility, which is really useful when copying and renaming sets of questions.

I’ve documented a couple of examples, replacing a letter at the start, and at the end of entry names, so you can see how it’s done!

Click my penguin picture to take a look.
  QPSMR - Ian Johnston  

  QPSMR - Andy Collins   Andy

For me it’s the weighting procedures; to date they are the most advanced features in the QPSMR Companion.

See QPSMR Weighting for details and to download a document and example project files.


What’s your favourite feature?

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