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QPSMR Software  QPSMR Software Features List

This page lists main features included in the QPSMR software.

When a feature is not available in all programs the following symbols, denoting the program in which the feature is included, are shown:
  QPSMR Companion Standard  QPSMR Companion (any version)
  QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities version only
Note: Toolbar icons allow you to easily switch between "classic" programs (QPSMR Insight or QPSMR CATI) and the QPSMR Companion software.
QPSMR Input - available for free download offers most of the features listed under Data Collection (if included in the questionnaire supplied).
QPSMR Reflect for end user analysis - available for free download includes most features listed under Analysis, Data lists and Data exports.
QUESTIONNAIRES (see also QPSMR Questionnaire Design)
Type of questions:
Single choice
Multi choice
Quantity - with or without decimal point
Character - e.g. Postcodes
Interviewer texts
Verbatim answers - with the facility to collect, code and update
Quality control ZZZ entries to automatically collect information (date, time, interview duration etc)
Skeleton questionnaire files (QDF) with suggested ZZZ quality control entries to get you started
Imports available from other software (online surveys, triple-s formats, CSV etc)
32,000 questions per questionnaire
9,999 responses to single or multi response questions (30,000 for imported files)
1,000 characters per question text
Additional texts - 245 characters for each text
Interviewer instructions displayed during data collection - 500 characters
Main window entries can be sorted by column - entry type, name, number of responses etc QPSMR Companion Standard
Entries can be allocated to named groups (and coloured for easy identification) QPSMR Companion Standard
Question routing, filtering (skips) and refuse input
Question restructuring (variables) - arithmetic, combination, splitting, ranges, comparison, counting
multi-code responses, minimum, maximum and score values
Automatic filter creation from question or variable responses QPSMR Companion Standard
Drag and drop filters from the Main window, to questions, variables and question responses QPSMR Companion Standard
Filter and variable responses can test entry values against constants and other entries
Variable responses created from other entries as a block, using "or", "and", and "not" linkages QPSMR Companion Standard
Variable responses can be built as a matrix from other entries QPSMR Companion Standard
Block update variable responses to add Net rows (eg. T2, B2) QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities
Store filter and variable contents in raw data files (ASC) QPSMR Companion Standard
Entry manipulation - copying, cutting, deleting, pasting and updating
Duplicate entry menu selection QPSMR Companion Standard
Ability to copy and paste entries from survey to survey
Right mouse button options - Rename, Copy, Paste, Paste as variable etc QPSMR Companion Standard
Paste special block updates - sets of questions, filters and variables can be copied, pasted, renamed
and the definitions updated all at the same time QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities
Insert lists of responses from other programs
Block update responses to add/remove score values and supplemental rejects QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities
Text find and replace facility QPSMR Companion Standard
Automatic question and response text update from CSV file - ideal for translating projects
Convert a multi-coded question to a number of single-coded questions QPSMR Companion Standard
Unicode questionnaire file (QDF) ideal for non-European language characters QPSMR Companion Standard
Print an interviewer or checking questionnaire, with or without data locations
DATA COLLECTION (see also QPSMR Data Collection)
Unlimited respondents per survey
Data entry from paper questionnaires
Data entry during "live" situations, such as hall tests and CAPI
Telephone interviewing CATI facilities QPSMR CATI
Test data entry mode (paper and computer assisted) for screen checks
Selected entries test - to work through just some of your questionnaire QPSMR Companion Standard Version
Full question and response filtering (skipping) and refuse input
Automatic response filtering (eg. ideal for "Used most often", "Used sometimes" and "Never used"
questions to ensure only appropriate responses are available for selection)
Data entry using mouse or keyboard
Ability to control the data entry screen (fonts, toolbars etc)
Input screen shows full question and response texts
Option to show filters (skips) and derived variables
Randomisation - questions, blocks of questions and responses
Carry forward response texts (eg. "Q1. Which brand do you use most?", "Q2. You say you use brand X,…")
Hold facility to halt data entry under controlled conditions
Range checks for numeric entries (eg. 1-100 and 999 permitted)
Images and videos displayed on screen during CAPI interviews
Full server quota control QPSMR CATI
Sample management QPSMR CATI
Appointments system QPSMR CATI
Partial interviewing to allow future continuation
Data stored as ASCII or column binary (or held in a qpsmrda file QPSMR Companion Standard )
Record length 250,000 ASCII or 999 cards in column binary
Missing answers captured to reject category (existing or new response)
Full data checking during input (arithmetic and logical operations)
Automatic serial number allocation
Automatic serial number sort
Ability to combine data files and to split data into sub-sets
Data hand over facility from CSV file - for merging partial or repeat interviews, re-coding, forcing etc
Merge data by response texts (response numbers not needed) QPSMR Companion Standard
Verification to check paper questionnaire data quality
Data accepted from other sources (spreadsheets, databases etc)
Ability to convert all types of binary data - with screen display of each data file format
QPSMR Input may be downloaded and distributed as required
All-inclusive qpsmrinp files for CAPI (image and video included in one file) QPSMR Companion Standard
Data validation (edit of external data)
Missing values report (blanks)
Frequency and hole counts (totals)
Comprehensive one window data checks - including Hold filters, Empty, Not empty, Out of range,
Invalid responses, Response restrictors, Single-code only with others, Refuse input, Unallocated
(with or without supplemental rejects responses shown) QPSMR Companion Standard
View data from Data check window and double click cell to update data as required QPSMR Companion Standard
View data as a grid - one column per entry, one row per questionnaire (options to show only error
rows/columns, filters, variables etc) QPSMR Companion Standard
Verbatim question text can be included with data QPSMR Companion Standard
Questionnaire showing response data (topline counts)
Topline table summary showing figures, percentages and mean scores
Data lists (including any number of questions, filtered to any level, showing response numbers or
texts in report or CSV format)
Data list (export) specifying the format and characters output (eg. a multi-coded question exported
as a set of single-coded questions 1=selected, 0=Not selected) QPSMR Companion Standard
Data list (export) the entries selected on the Main window only QPSMR Companion Standard
Data list (export) settings saved for re-use QPSMR Companion Standard
Data may be output in many formats for direct use with -
Statistical programs (eg. SPS, SAS)
Other research packages (eg. SSS and RUN)
Other survey software (eg: triple-s XML) QPSMR Companion Standard
Spreadsheets and graphics programs (eg. Comma separated CSV)
Programs using the OpenXML format (eg. XLSX) QPSMR Companion Standard
Other applications (eg. Fixed format or 80 column ASCII file)
QPSMR Command Language script (STP)
QPSMR Reflect - the ideal program for end users to produce and save sets of tables
qpsmran files for end users to create analysis with Data drill down QPSMR Companion Standard
ANALYSIS (TABLES) (see also QPSMR Analysis)
30,000 tables per batch run (set)
30,000 rows per cross table
10,000 columns per cross table
Block table manipulation facility (including copying, cutting, pasting, deleting and updating)
Filtering - to any level
Question restructuring (variables) - arithmetic, combination, splitting, ranges, comparison,
counting multi-code responses, minimum, maximum and score values
Percentages - row, column, total, index
Row ranking - highest or lowest first
Full decimal place control - figures and percentages
Text - headings, footnotes, titles, row and column headings and labels
Identification - data, table and page numbers
Automatic horizontal and vertical table overflow (with pagination)
Table of contents - page, table number, title
Empty item suppression - row, column, table
Table overlay facility - ideal for product test banked tables
Table manipulation - full arithmetic manipulation of tables already incremented
Ability to use QPSMR Command Language syntax within table specifications
Statistics and significance tests - mean, sum, standard deviation, standard error, t tests, F tests,
minimum, maximum, median, mode, quartiles, deciles, chi-squared, Kolmogorov-Smirnov,
Statistically significant figures marked (various methods available)
Tables easily copied and pasted into a variety of other software (including word processors, spreadsheets
and graphics programs)
Table definitions preserved for re-use
Fast table production
Data drill down (include rows, columns, figures, percentages, respondent weights, quantity weights,
filters, show missing, counts, ESS, means, significant differences - tables exported to spreadsheet XLSX) QPSMR Companion Standard
Data distinction to compare a group of respondents with the rest of the sample QPSMR Companion Standard
Tables automatically formatted and output to your preferred spreadsheet program QPSMR Companion Standard
WEIGHTING (see also QPSMR Weighting)
Full respondent weighting to targets
Add a calculated weight for each respondent to the data QPSMR Companion Standard
Quantity weighting (using any numeric or single response entry)
Weighted and unweighted results on tables
RIM weighting
Allocation of score values to responses (often rating scales) for the calculation of averages and
other statistics
Any printer and any print style
Page orientation (landscape or portrait)
Texts and fonts (proportional or fixed pitch, normal, bold, italic, size and style)
Character and line spacing
Margins and borders with square or round corners
Inclusion of company, product or client logo (any size or position on page)
Macros available to enhance standard spreadsheet tables (including hyperlink index, click cell to show
decimal places etc)
SUPPORT (see also QPSMR Support)
Telephone, fax and email help-line assistance
Help buttons for context information and full on-screen manual
Software tutorials, user notes and example files
Program updates
Development wish-list
Holiday client cover
Full data processing bureau service
Any PC or compatible (486 or above)
Program files require 4 Mb of hard disk space
Windows (98 or above)
Standalone and networked PCs
Customer or staff satisfaction
Quality control
Advertising awareness
Mystery shopping
Consumer or patient panels
Planning and service investigations
Product tests and trailer surveys
Traffic census
Reply card analysis
Retail audits
Financial data
Social and opinion polls



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