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QPSMR Insight is suitable for all levels of user who wish to process paper and CAPI surveys quickly and efficiently. Features include simple survey set up, fully controlled easy-to-use data entry and an immensely powerful cross tabulation system.

The QPSMR Companion Standard version, which offers a whole range of extras such as
Data drill down and Data distinction, is included free of charge when QPSMR Insight is leased.

For a small extra charge, users have the option of upgrading to a QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities licence which includes even more. For example, block updates that allow you to add score values and supplemental reject responses to many 100s of entries at the same time and a block paste special facility where sets of questions, filters and variables can be copied, pasted and renamed with all definitions updated - perfect for product tests!

Unlimited help-line support (telephone, fax or email), software upgrades each time a new version is released, wish-list access and holiday client cover are all included in the QPSMR Insight lease price. Furthermore, with QPSMR Insight you can generate special files for the QPSMR Input data entry program and the QPSMR Reflect end user analysis program (both of which are available for FREE download) so any number of users can enter data and create
extra tables.

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  QPSMR Insight is normally leased annually; discounts are available for users who wish to purchase multi year leases. All prices are quoted in UK pounds sterling (net), excluding VAT if applicable.

QPSMR Insight Price List

To order please contact Sales on
+44 (0) 1491 825644 or email sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk

Please note, CATI facilities are not included in QPSMR Insight, however if you do not wish to use CATI features, such as sample management, appointments etc it is possible to lease a
QPSMR Insight site licence along with a number of QPSMR Telin licences (priced at £195 each), which would allow basic, cost effective CATI - please contact Sales for more information.
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