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QPSMR Insight  QPSMR Insight

•  For paper and CAPI surveys

•  Easy to use questionnaire design

•  Fast, fully controlled data collection

•  Powerful analysis and reporting



QPSMR Insight is suitable for anyone who wishes to process paper and CAPI surveys quickly and efficiently.

It is an ideal, cost-effective, company data processing solution, as it can be used to generate special files for the QPSMR Input data entry program and the QPSMR Reflect end user analysis program - both of which are available for FREE download.  This means that any number of users can enter data and create extra tables; even if you choose to lease a "single user" licence!

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QPSMR Insight includes simple survey set up, where all types of research questions can easily be created. Existing entries (or just selected responses from them) can be cut, copied and pasted as required.

Importantly, the same questionnaire may be used as a base for different types of interview. For example, you might define a self-completion paper questionnaire, and simply by copying and modifying the questionnaire file, transform your original paper questionnaire into a "new" survey especially designed for personal interviewing (CAPI).

QPSMR Insight features a fast, fully controlled
data entry system. Filters may be used for entry routing, and range checks may also be applied to numeric entries so that only responses within a specified range (for example, between 1 and 100) will be accepted. You may also temporarily halt data entry (if an inappropriate response is entered), include extra instructions for respondents or your data entry staff, randomise entries and their responses, carry forward response texts, and easily handle verbatim comments.
  Data can be entered using your mouse or keyboard, and you can control the look of your data entry screen. QPSMR Insight has full updating, verifying and data checking facilities, and data files can be split, combined or merged as required.

The data you collect, or information from almost any other program, can easily be analysed using the powerful cross tabulation system included in
QPSMR Insight.

You may create any number of tables to analyse the results of your surveys - 30,000 tables can be stored in each set! Question and response texts are used as labels, and your tables and all printed pages are automatically numbered.

Tables can be weighted and filtered to any level and you can include different types of percentages, response ranking (in descending or ascending order), any number of decimal places and statistics and significance tests, as required.

And last but by no means least...

QPSMR Insight users are entitled to receive the innovative QPSMR Companion software, which
offers a whole range of extra features,
completely free of charge.

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Please note, telephone interviewing facilities, such as sample management, quota control and appointments, are not included in QPSMR Insight (for these please see QPSMR CATI). If, however, you wish to conduct interviews by telephone but do not wish to use full CATI facilities, it is possible to lease a QPSMR Insight site licence along with a number of QPSMR Telin licences, allowing you to undertake basic, cost effective CATI. For more information please contact Sales.
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To order QPSMR Insight please contact Sales on +44 (0) 1491 825644 or email sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk