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QPSMR Input  QPSMR Input

•  Free download

•  Easy to use, fully controlled data collection

•  For paper surveys and CAPI (using keyboard or mouse)

•  Ideal for use in-house or by outworkers/data entry companies



QPSMR Input is the complimentary data entry software, available for FREE download. It requires special “pre-defined questionnaire files” which can easily be generated using the QPSMR Insight or QPSMR CATI software.

QPSMR Input is ideal for use by in-house staff, outworkers and it is especially valuable when used by external companies, as you can be sure that the data they supply will be in the exact format you require.

QPSMR Input may also be installed on devices running Windows - laptops, notebooks, netbooks or tablet PCs - for personal interviewing (CAPI) or for use at hall tests.

The QPSMR Input program is quick and simple to use, data may be entered with a mouse or keyboard; all information is checked as it is input and may be updated and verified as required.

QPSMR Input comes complete with full on-screen help; easy to follow user notes and example files can also be downloaded.

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  Please note: QPSMR Input may NOT be used for data collection by telephone interview. For telephone interviewing the QPSMR Telin software should be used.

        QPSMR Data Input

Tip: If you would like to use non-European
language characters in your CAPI projects (for example, Arabic or Far Eastern characters), we recommend you generate Unicode questionnaire
files from QPSMR Companion. You can then
produce a qpsmrinp file to use with the
QPSMR Companion Input software. As well as allowing Unicode characters, the qpsmrinp file will contain all of the information needed for a CAPI project, including any images (such as logos and photographs) and video clips (for example, adverts) you wish to include.