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QPSMR Companion  QPSMR Companion Features

•  Free download

•  Survey set up shortcuts, imports and exports

•  Data facilities - checking, merging, weighting

•  Analysis with Data drill down



QPSMR Companion has many features to help you process your projects quickly and easily (items marked with a star QPSMR Companion Extended are Extended Facilities).

Working with QPSMR Companion

From the Main window you can sort your questionnaire entries by Name, Type, Text, number of Responses etc simply by clicking on the column heading, or you can drag and drop the columns themselves to change their order on screen.

The program has tabs and up and down sequence arrows, so once a tab is selected it is easy to move up and down the entries in your project in sequence showing the selected tab. This is ideal for checking appropriate settings have been applied on all relevant entries.

Clicking your right mouse button allows you to insert questions, variables and filters, to rename (automatically updating all references to the entry) as well as to update, delete, copy, paste etc.

Simply use the toolbar icons to switch between QPSMR Companion and your "classic" QPSMR software (for batch table analysis and CATI facilities).

Set up short cuts

There is a Duplicate this entry selection to create an exact copy of any question, filter or variable, stepping up the name accordingly (for example, Q1 to Q2, F5A to F5B, V6.1 to V6.2 etc). This is ideal for quickly creating banks of rating scale questions - once duplicated, simply use the sequence arrows or Text find and replace option to change the question texts!

Lists of responses can easily be pasted into your entries and there is a Reverse order button to swap the response order if required.

Responses can be reserved so they cannot be selected during data entry. For example, if "Don't know" needs to be response 9 and your question has only 5 responses you can reserve responses 6 to 8 and apply the Refuse input setting.

QPSMR Companion Responses Add

A simple selection allows you to output all entry texts from your questionnaire to a CSV file. Texts are included once only, no matter how many times they occur in your questionnaire. This means that it is a quick and easy process to change texts, spell check and/or translate text into a different language. Your questionnaire texts can then automatically be updated using the modified CSV file, using a simple menu selection.

QPSMR Companion has an innovative Paste special feature, which allows you to paste copied entries in a variety of ways - including modifying the data locations used for the pasted entries by a fixed amount (for example, you can set a new starting location, add or subtract a fixed amount to or from each location).

QPSMR Companion Paste Special

QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  
Paste Special - Block (Copy and Paste)
If you choose to lease an Extended Facility version of the QPSMR Companion, whole sets of questions, filters and variables can be copied, pasted, renamed and the definitions updated all at the same time, using the block paste special selection. This is ideal for product tests where 100s of entries can be created for subsequent products with just a few clicks!
  QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  Block Update Responses
With the Extended Facilities version it is possible to manipulate responses for whole sets of questions all at the same time. For example, you could add a “No answer given” supplemental reject response to every question in your survey or add score values that will be used when calculating mean scores and other stats to all relevant questions. The program shows, once only, all of the different response sequences, so you can specify the scores you wish to apply (using Ascending and Descending buttons to further speed the process if appropriate) and with a simple click all will be updated!

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QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  Block Update of Applied Filters

This extended facility is used to alter filters and response restrictors applied to selected entries. You can add them to, or remove them from, a number of entries at the same time (including filters applied to individual responses).

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QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  Block Ranking

Another time saving feature is the ability to begin and end ranking for multiple entries simultaneously. For example, you might have a set of entries with 99 responses and you want all of the responses to each entry to be ranked in order (highest to lowest) on your tables, excluding responses 97 Don’t know, 98 Other and 99 None (which should always be positioned at the end of the table regardless).

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QPSMR Companion also has many variable short-cuts, including the ability to paste question responses to automatically create variable definitions. You can also copy a number of existing entries, then using right click Paste combine to create a new multi-coded variable. There is an option to always paste single-coded entries to multi-coded variables - very useful when adding summary rows - and options to quickly combine responses from many entries. A Suppress always analysis setting can also be used so the response is not shown in your analysis - ideal when “Base for following responses" is used.

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QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  
Summary (Net) Rows in Variables
This feature is perfect for quickly adding Net summary responses to your variables (for example, to see Top 2 and Bottom 2 rows in your tables) as many entries can be updated at the same time!
See Kat’s corner "Tip 3 - QPSMR Companion – Summary Rows In Seconds!".

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Data file facilities and analysis

QPSMR Companion has many data file facilities, including the ability to create qpsmrinp files so anyone can enter data from paper questionnaires or conduct CAPI interviews. Data files can be checked and any errors quickly updated see Kat’s corner "Tip 10 – Locate and Update Data Errors".

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QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  
Raw CSV File - Data Extract
This Extended Facility allows you to obtain specified data from a CSV file, for example, you could exclude all columns that begin with a certain character or string of characters or remove all duplicate rows.

QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  
Raw Data File - Repair and Add Serial
Ideal when working with external data, it is possible to repair data structure errors or add or update all of the serial numbers in a data file.

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Topline summary reports can easily be generated and data files (of different types) can be merged as required. Information can be exported in a variety of different ways and Data drill down can be used to create tables. There is also a Data distinction facility that allows you to compare a group of respondents with the rest of the sample and any significant differences found within the entire questionnaire are displayed.

QPSMR Companion has an easy to use respondent weighting procedure, which allows you to allocate weights to individual data records. Weighting can be target, percentage, multi-coded or rim; there is no limit on the number of rims you can include.

If you are an existing user and you’d like to see what the latest version has to offer, see
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