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The innovative QPSMR Companion software offers a whole range of features.

There are 3 different options to choose from:

•  Any user free download

•  Standard version

•  Extended Facilities version
QPSMR Companion
QPSMR Companion Any User  Any User Free Download

Free to all

The QPSMR Companion free download can be used by anyone running Windows on their computer to open and inspect data in a triple-s XML file and to view, edit, save and convert any standard market research raw data file (ASCII, binary etc) and CSV files.

For paper and CAPI projects data can be entered (using a supplied .qpsmrinp file) and tables can be produced using the Data drill down facility (using a supplied .qpsmran file).

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QPSMR Companion Standard  
Standard version

Free for customers using QPSMR Insight or QPSMR CATI

If you lease a "classic" program, QPSMR Insight or QPSMR CATI, you are entitled to a QPSMR Companion Standard version; toolbar icons allow you to easily switch between programs. As well as the complimentary "any user" features mentioned above, the standard version offers many questionnaire definition set-up short cuts and added extras, data file facilities (data input, checking, merging, importing and exporting plus weighting), along with variable and analysis features including Data drill down. You can also provide qpsmrinp files for others to enter data and qpsmran files for others to use Data drill down.


If you don't already have a "classic" QPSMR program and you would like a QPSMR Companion Standard version you will need to lease QPSMR Insight (or QPSMR CATI) then request your licence files - contact sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk

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  QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities  Extended Facilities version

Additional charge

As well as all of the features in the QPSMR Companion Standard version, the QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities version has some "real goodies" including block updates that allow you to add score values and supplemental reject responses to many 100s of entries at the same time and a block paste special facility where sets of questions, filters and variables can be copied, pasted and renamed with all definitions updated - perfect for product tests!


For the QPSMR Companion Extended Facilities version we ask you to pay a small additional fee of £100 per single user licence, £150 for 2 users, £175 for 3 users or £200 for 4 or more users at the same site. Prices exclude VAT where applicable and will be invoiced pro-rata to coincide with "classic" annual software lease periods - contact sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk

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Software Download

Remember, after downloading the QPSMR Companion program, unless you wish to use only the free facilities, please contact QPSMR Limited (sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk) to obtain your unique licence information to activate the software.

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