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QPSMR CATI is a complete research and analysis program which features interviewer texts, verbatim questions, carry forward texts, question and response randomisation, full central server quota control, sample management, partial interviews, appointments and automatic serial number allocation.

QPSMR CATI is available on an annual or multi year lease*. With a QPSMR CATI lease users are entitled to telephone, fax or email the QPSMR help-line for assistance. A lease also gives users free software upgrades each time a new version is released.

A QPSMR CATI lease allows any number of users at the same site to set up questionnaires, run data reports and analysis; each interviewing station requires a QPSMR Telin licence.

The base price for a QPSMR CATI lease is £2,000 if you need 1-5 interviewing stations or £2,500 for more than 5 interviewing stations; the first 20 QPSMR Telin leases are priced at £195 each; then £145 per QPSMR Telin licence thereafter.

So, for example, the cost for a 5 station interviewing licence would be:

£195 x 5 = £975 (Telin) + £2,000 (CATI) = £2,975

The cost for a 23 station interviewing licence would be:

£195 x 20 + £145 x 3 = £4,335 (Telin) + £2,500 (CATI) = £6,835

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  Listed in the table below are some more example costs - but you can calculate the price for the exact system you require by multiplying the number of QPSMR Telin interviewing stations you need by £195 (for the first 20, then £145 per licence thereafter) and then adding this to the QPSMR CATI base price.

QPSMR CATI / QPSMR Telin Price List

The maximum charge for a QPSMR CATI licence is £12,500 regardless of the number of interviewing stations at the same site.

Prices are for an annual lease, quoted in UK pounds sterling GBP (net) and are exclusive of VAT if applicable.

Software is usually supplied by email; if an alternative delivery method is required a delivery charge may apply.

To order QPSMR CATI please copntact Sales on
+44 (0) 1491 825644 or email sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk

If you do not wish to use CATI features such as sample management, appointments etc it is possible to lease a QPSMR Insight site licence along with a number of QPSMR Telin licences, which would allow basic, cost effective CATI - please contact Sales for more information.

* Discounts are available for users who wish to purchase multi year leases.

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