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•  Ideal telephone interviewing solution

•  Sample management and quota control

•  Full appointment facilities

•  Powerful analysis and reporting



QPSMR CATI is the telephone interviewing solution especially designed for networked PCs; servers are used where appropriate and any number of interviewing stations can be accommodated.

QPSMR CATI is simple to use; questionnaires are created by making selections from toolbars and windows using your mouse, there is no syntax or script to learn. There are many built in design features, such as interviewer texts, question and response randomisation, carry forward response texts, question and response filtering and hold screens, as well as a unique method of collecting
and coding verbatim comments.

      QPSMR CATI Phone

The QPSMR CATI sample management function is quick to set up so that contact (sample) details are automatically presented to interviewers; respondents may be selected by sample point(s) if required.

Interviewing with QPSMR CATI is fast and fully controlled. Serial numbers are automatically issued and the station and user numbers, the date, duration, status of the interview and other quality control information is automatically collected by the program each time an interview is completed.

Data can be entered using a mouse, to point and click appropriate responses, or your interviewers can simply key response numbers using their keyboards.

To ensure valuable time is not wasted, QPSMR CATI has full quota control facilities. As a supervisor, you decide the quotas required and the points during an interview when the quota should be checked. After each check the interview will continue, or terminate if the required quota has been reached.

You can view, and if necessary update, your quota file at any time - even whilst interviews are taking place. When viewing the quota file, to ensure the information you see is current it is automatically updated every 20 seconds.

QPSMR CATI can easily handle appointments; so part way through a questionnaire, if a respondent asks to continue the interview at some other time, it’s no problem! Interviewers can make vague or fixed appointments, for themselves, another named person or for any interviewer by making selections from the "Appointment" dialog box.

Interviewers can also decide the appointment priority and set an acceptable call time delay; they can request a "respondent history" where dates and times the interview has previously been tried, and the result of the call (for example, no reply, engaged) are shown. Comments about the interview or the respondents may also be typed as required.
  For supervisors, a "list of appointments made" report and a "serial history" is readily available.

Once the information from your interviews has been collected, QPSMR CATI has many facilities to check the data and an immensely powerful cross tabulation system for you to analyse the results from your surveys.

Data files may be split, combined and merged as required (so repeat interviewing is easy) and all information is held in industry standard formats. QPSMR CATI has many export options so your data can be output for use with almost any other program, including spreadsheets, desk top publishing and graphics packages, other market research programs and specialised statistical software.


As well as handling telephone surveys, QPSMR CATI can also be used to process paper and CAPI surveys and QPSMR Reflect files, for end-user analysis, can be generated from your projects as required.

And last but by no means least... QPSMR CATI
users are entitled to receive the innovative
QPSMR Companion software, which offers a whole range of extra features, completely free of charge.

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Just published - introductory CATI YouTube videos which demonstrate how to modify a questionnaire
for telephone interviewing, generate sample management and quota control files, specify QIF
files and how to interview with them plus how to create supervisor reports and tables.

                    QPSMR CATI Videos

Remember, always look for QPSMR Limited at the start of the YouTube video name and the QPSMR logo to ensure you are watching an official QPSMR Limited demonstration.

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