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QPSMR Bureau Services

We offer a comprehensive survey processing and data analysis service, and are happy to help with as much or as little as you need, by:

 •  Creating questionnaires for paper, CAPI or
 •  CATI surveys

 •  Importing from other programs
 •  (triple-s XML, SAV, CSV etc)

 •  Coding (from electronic files or on paper)

 •  Data entry from paper questionnaires with
 •  verification

 •  Checking data, cleaning and weighting

 •  Generating tables and analysing results

 •  Exporting to other software

Firstly, we provide a survey set up service for paper, CAPI and CATI projects. If you have the QPSMR software we can simply provide the questionnaire files (QDF) for your own use, or we can continue to process the survey if you wish.

For paper projects we offer full questionnaire design and are happy to arrange printing and distribution of your questionnaires.

Once your questionnaires or interviews have been completed, we offer a complete coding service (generating frames and allocating response numbers to free text answers so they may be used in your analysis).

For paper surveys, we have a team of skilled data entry staff who quickly transfer the information from questionnaires into QPSMR. Once entered the data is verified to your specification (10% of the work returned by each member of our team is verified as standard, and up to 100% on request).

We also regularly import data collected from online surveys and other software into QPSMR, ready to review and analyse.
  All data is thoroughly checked, weighted if required, and a topline summary report is supplied for your perusal.

When it comes to analysis, we can set up and produce some, or all, of your cross-tables (in Excel, Word, and PDF etc) leaving you more time to study the results.

                   QPSMR Bureau

For all of the projects processed, QPSMR Companion Data drill down qpsmran files and QPSMR Companion Reflect files for end user analysis are always available. The QPSMR Companion Reflect software may be downloaded FREE of charge, meaning that you, your project managers, executives, or even your clients can quickly run extra sets of tables whenever you need them.

Finally, we are happy to provide files in different formats for use with other software, including SPSS SAV, SAS and triple-s XML files.

So if you need help with any part of your data processing, telephone +44 (0) 1491 825644 or by email bureau@qpsmr.ltd.uk for a quotation.


QPSMR Limited is a Market Research Society Company Partner working in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct. We also adhere to all relevant standards specified in International Standard ISO 20252:2012.
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