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NEW QPSMR 2018.1 software -
Features at a glance

For CATI users - 3 telephone numbers can be used to retrieve sample records (TELNUM_1, TELNUM_2 and TELNUM_3); a [Lock answer] setting prevents manual changes to a question that contains data when loaded; and interviewers cannot make an appointment once an interview has been deemed successful (ZZZEND/1).
            QPSMR 3 TELNUMS
For all projects - up to 15 digits may be used for integer questions and serial numbers; your projects will open more quickly and your tables run even faster; and when using significance testing in your analysis you can test individual table columns against the rest of the sample (the "total") AND against other columns under the header or over-header (using letter markers) at the same time.

            QPSMR SIG Table

QPSMR Companion has some new XLSX features - all response texts in your questionnaire can be output to an XLSX file; a "Combinations report" shows all of the different combinations given in response to the multi coded entries in your project; when exporting data an extra row containing the question texts can be included; and your "classic" QPSMR tables files (QTFs) can be run to quickly produce formatted XLSX tables.

For more details and other features in QPSMR 2018.1 use the link below.

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Treasure Hunt raises £1,105!

We are pleased to announce that the Treasure Hunt, held to raise funds for Beagle Welfare www.beaglewelfare.org.uk, raised a massive £1,105! The organisers have received lots of fantastic feedback and thank everyone who supported the event.

QPSMR Limited provided pens, paper, printing and prizes. The winning team "Parker Puppy Power" who got all answers correct in a time of 1 hour 17 minutes, have chosen to receive a family canoeing voucher as their prize.

Well done to all concerned.



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Kat’s Corner Tip - just published

Click the picture to see the latest tip about "fixing" the number of decimal places when working with floating point (weight number) entries in QPSMR Companion.

                     QPSMR Kat's Corner