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NEW - QPSMR Companion Input for Android software

The QPSMR Companion Input for Android preliminary version is now available to download.

This software is ideal for collecting CAPI data using devices that run the Android operating system (version 6 or above).



Coronavirus message

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during these difficult times.

We would like to reassure all customers with a current QPSMR software lease that should you require software support during the current coronavirus situation we will, as always, be available to assist you. Please continue to send emails to your normal support contact.

We realise that many of you have QPSMR software leases that limit the number of computers on which the software may be installed. During the current coronavirus situation, we are happy for you to install your QPSMR software on PCs or laptops to enable you, and your staff, to work from home. If you need a different version of the software, for example a 32 bit version for installation on a less modern computer, just email sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk and we will get it across to you.

Take care and stay safe.
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The fastest way to learn about new software features, important support notices, and of course what we’ve been up to, is to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.  QPSMR Limited also has its own YouTube channel where members of the support-team demonstrate many features in the software and share time saving solutions. 

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Always look for QPSMR Limited at the start of
the YouTube video name, and the QPSMR logo,
to ensure you are watching an official QPSMR demonstration

A YouTube Demonstration has been published, showing the new create grid variables and banked grid tables facility.

It also shows how to transpose the rows and columns of a grid table with just one click!

To take a look click the image below.