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CATI YouTube Videos and Tutorial

Just published - introductory CATI YouTube videos which demonstrate how to modify a questionnaire
for telephone interviewing, generate sample management and quota control files, specify QIF
files and how to interview with them plus how to create supervisor reports and tables.

                    CATI Videos

Always look for QPSMR Limited at the start of the YouTube video name and the QPSMR logo to ensure you are watching an official QPSMR Limited demonstration.

QPSMR CATI Tutorial Advert


QPSMR Software Version 2017

Telephone interviewing facilities

QPSMR Telin can now be used with a predictive dialler, appointments that are due in the next 5 minutes can be shown, and if more than one telephone number is available for a respondent QPSMR Telin will allow the interviewer to select the number to dial.

                     QPSMR Telin Clock

Hidden groups
(QPSMR Companion)

There is a new facility to hide groups of entries, so they are not shown on the Main window or in the Data drill down entry list. For example, you may wish to hide all ZZZ quality control entries in a CATI project, so only the questions asked during your telephone interviews are available for Data drill down analysis.

                 QPSMR Hidden Groups

Data distinction
(QPSMR Companion)

QPSMR Companion now offers Data distinction - a new Data drill down facility that allows you to compare a group of respondents with the rest of the sample. Any significant differences found within the entire questionnaire are listed.

                 QPSMR Companion Data Distinction

New data file facilities
(QPSMR Companion)

Data copy and convert can be used to convert a single data file to another file type, for example a QPSMR Companion qpsmrda file to an ASCII data file.

Data merge can be used to merge sets of data for the same records - ideal for merging subsequent waves of data, adding extra information such as cluster groups from a statistics program, or if question responses need to be changed (forced) depending on the answers to other questions.

See What's New for more details.


Weighting data

A document all about weighting with QPSMR Companion is available to download.

Users with the software can also access QPSMR project files and work through various example sections as a step-by-step weighting tutorial.

       QPSMR Weighting Advert
  QPSMR News


Here at QPSMR we were pleased to “support” Breast Cancer Awareness by becoming a bra bank for our local radio station JACKfm and their “uplifiting” “Bras around Bonn Square event”. Use the link to see all of the bras hanging high in Oxford and to find out what the charity Against Breast Cancer is going to do with all of the bras after display. You may even see Ian and Mario our very own “Bro’s in Bras”.

Many thanks to everyone who donated to the QPSMR bra bank, we collected an amazing 3 dustbin sacks full of your unwanted undies! As well as contributions from lots of local ladies, one lovely customer sent us a big bag of bras all the way from Kent, and, with positive feedback from QPSMR users all over the world, we feel Breast Cancer Awareness was well and truly raised!


Can’t find Kat's Corner?

Kat’s Corner Tips is now a website menu item!

Look under the [Support] menu to see time saving [Kat’s Corner Tips] written by our very own Data Processing Officer Kat Elvin, designed to help you get the most out of your QPSMR software.

                     QPSMR Kat's Corner


Social Media

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See QPSMR in action

QPSMR Limited now has its own YouTube channel where members of the support-team demonstrate features in the QPSMR software and share time saving solutions.

The first video, available by clicking the picture below, explains how to test data input using just selected entries from your questionnaire. It also shows a hold filter in action, with carry forward text. The demonstration takes about 5 minutes to watch and could save you hours when setting up surveys!

                     QPSMR YouTube Selected Entries Test

This is just one of the official QPSMR Companion demonstrations, others are available and many more will follow.

If you have any suggestions for facilities you'd like us to cover in future demonstrations - just let us know.

Always look for QPSMR Limited at the start of the YouTube video name and the QPSMR logo to ensure you are watching an official QPSMR Limited demonstration.

                     QPSMR Kat's Corner

QPSMR YouTube Channel  Happy viewing!


QPSMR Favourite Features page

We asked some of the team ...

"What’s your favourite feature in QPSMR?"

Click the image to see them, what they said, and if you agree!

                     QPSMR Favourite Features