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Kat's Corner

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Tip 13 - New integer/float variable [+] button for quick additions

Ever had to create a new variable to add together lots of integer (whole number) and/or floating point (weight) entries?

Recently our bureau department had to do just that … many times! A project they were processing included a large display of products (across many shelves) and respondents had to say how many of each product they would purchase. New variables were needed to show the total number of items purchased for various brands, product categories, pack formats and so on, which involved adding together many 100s of integer questions. This new button proved invaluable, as it saved so much typing time ….

Using the new QPSMR Companion 2018.2 software you no longer need to type in the name of each entry you wish to add (or use the [Values] tab to select them using the [Insert new entry after …] button) – simply use the new [+] button for your new integer or float variable and select all of the entries you wish to add together from the list of suitable entries shown.
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I hope you found this tip useful, more coming soon!

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