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Kat's Corner

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Tip 12 - Fixing the number of decimal places for a floating point (weight number) entry

When setting up a floating point (weight number) entry using QPSMR Companion, at the "Entry details - Question" dialog box once you have specified the width required to store the largest expected number (including a decimal point and a number of decimal places) is it possible to "fix" the number of decimal places. To do this, simply type the number of decimal places you require in the [Decimal places] box.

QPSMR Companion Decimal Places
  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
For example, if your question was "Q1. How much would you expect to pay for a coffee in a local town centre cafe?" you might set the width to be 4 (allowing 1 digit to store the amount in £, followed by the decimal point, followed by 2 decimal places).  Then, to ensure 2 decimal places are always used, type 2 in the [Decimal places] box.  If you do not set the number of decimal places, a response entered as 2.80 would be stored in the data file as 2.8 and a response of 3.00 would be stored as 3.

Note, this setting will be honoured for data entered using QPSMR Companion or a QPSMR "classic" program (QPSMR Insight, QPSMR CATI or QPSMR Input).

The "Data view" window below, shows Q1, with and without the [Decimal places] setting used, so you can see clearly how the data is stored.  The entry named Q1DP2 has the [Decimal places] set to 2, the entry named Q1 does not use the [Decimal places] setting.
QPSMR Companion Decimal Places View

I hope you found this tip useful; I think this feature is especially good if the data you collect is exported, because the layout used will always be consistent.

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