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Kat's Corner

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Tip 10 - QPSMR Companion - Locate and Update Data Errors

In this tip I will explain how to quickly locate and update data errors using the
QPSMR Companion.

QPSMR Companion contains a comprehensive data checking facility that I recommend you use to check data you have collected, or data that has been provided by an external supplier.

If your questionnaire setup includes filters and input settings (such as range checks on integers and hold filters), QPSMR Companion will display all errors found.

For this tip I will use an example data file that I have altered so it contains a couple of errors!

  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
In my questionnaire, entry AGEX is an integer with a minimum value setting of 18, and I have also included a hold filter FHQ4AB to locate any records where Q4A + Q4B does not total 100%. 

Firstly, I will check the data file. From the Main window I select [Data] [Check data file…] then [Browse…] to find the data file then [Open], followed by [Check data] from the “Data check” dialog box. QPSMR Companion then checks the data and the errors found are displayed in a “Data log” dialog box

QPSMR Companion - Data Error Log

As you can see, the data file contains 2 errors, at serial 2 AGEX has a value of 15 (lower than the minimum setting of 18) and at serial 12 the hold filter is true (the Q4A + Q4B total does not equal 100). Assuming that these were paper records I would check the documents to determine the corrections, and the data can then be updated and saved, as follows:

[Close] the “Data log” dialog box and from the “Data check” dialog box (with the error types indicated) select [View data].
QPSMR Companion Data Check
At the Data view window, to make it easier to find the errors, select:
  [View] [Rows to show] [Error rows only]
  [View] [Columns to show] [Error columns only]
  [View] [Columns to show] [Filters show]
  [View] [Column widths] [Headers and contents visible]
QPSMR Companion - Data Check - Error Data View
The data can then be updated by double-clicking in the error cells, and amended by making selections from the QPSMR Companion Input screen, as follows:
For serial number 2, after double-clicking the error cell (AGEX), at the QPSMR Companion Input screen update 15 to be 18 then click [Close]
QPSMR Companion - Data Check - AGEX Update
For serial number 12, after double-clicking the error cell (FHQ4AB), at the QPSMR Companion Input screen update entry Q4B, changing 60 to be 80, then click [Close]
QPSMR Companion - Data Check - FHQ4AB Update 
When all changes have been made the red error markers will be removed from the “View” screen and I can use the [Save and unlock] button to save the file (selecting [File] [Save as] would allow me to save to a different data file).
Finally, I always recommend you to re-check your updated data to ensure you see the “No problems encountered” message.
QPSMR Companion Data Check

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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