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Kat's Corner

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Tip 8 - QPSMR Companion - Paste Weighting Targets

This time I thought I’d include a simple tip which can be real time saver when setting up respondent weighting - especially if percentage targets are needed.

If you have a list of targets (values or percentages) in a CSV or spreadsheet file, you can copy and paste all of them into the "Weight targets" dialog box at once (rather than selecting each response and typing the target individually).  Each cell in the CSV file should contain the value or percentage required (listed in response order).

To paste the targets in QPSMR Companion, once they have been copied from the CSV file to the clipboard, at the "Weight targets" dialog box highlight all appropriate responses (by holding down the [Ctrl] key), then select [Targets] [Paste].
  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
And … if the targets are percentages and the cells in the CSV file are formatted as percentages, when you paste into QPSMR the [Percentage] and [Percentage of entry base] “Details for target” settings will automatically be applied.  All clever stuff!
QPSMR Companion Weighting
A document which explains how QPSMR Companion can be used for respondent weighting (rim and matrix, using single-coded, multi-coded and filtered entries, with targets set as values and percentages) is available to download.  Example files are also included so that users with QPSMR Companion can work through various examples, following step-by-step instructions.

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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