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Kat's Corner

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Tip 7 - QPSMR Companion - Create Filter Entries From Responses...

Tip 7 - And "Drag And Drop" Filter Application

This time I’ve included 2 top tips about filters and their application...

I have found my first tip to be particularly helpful in setting up product tests, when a filter entry has needed to be created for every response in a “Product used” entry, for application to product specific questions later in the questionnaire.

To generate filters from the responses to a single-coded or multi-coded question or variable, from the QPSMR Companion Main window highlight the entry and select [Insert] [Create filter entries from responses...] and you will see the “Create filters from entry” dialog box.  When the [Create filters] button is used, with the default [A filter for every selected response] radio button selected, a new filter will be generated for every response highlighted in the response list.

Before creating the filters you can:

  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
  • Choose to include refused responses in the response list
  • Choose to make the filters negative so the filter is true if the response was not selected in the entry
  • Set the number of responses at the end of the response list to be ignored
  • Set the name for the filters. Each filter will have this name followed by the response number
  • Set text to appear before and/or after the response in the filter text
QPSMR Companion Create Filter Entries From Responses
Note, it is also possible to use the [One filter for the selected responses combined] radio button to create one new filter, which will be true if any of the highlighted responses in the response list are selected.


My second "drag and drop filter application tip" has saved me lots of time when I’ve needed to apply multiple filters to an entry (especially when the filter definitions are very different, but I can sort the entries in my project by clicking the [Name] tab, to group the filters at the Main window before selecting).

To apply filters to a question or variable using the drag and drop method, double click the entry and at the “Entry details …” dialog box, click the [Filter] tab, then simply use your mouse to select the filters you wish to apply to the entry from the Main window (holding down the [Ctrl] key if necessary).  Next holding down your left mouse button, drag them to the “Filters applied” area of the [Filter] tab (the pointer will change from a “no entry circle” to a “little plus sign”), then release the mouse button to drop the filters - applying them to the entry.

QPSMR Companion Drag And Drop Filter Application
It is also possible to apply response restrictors to an entry using the same drag and drop method.  If you drag and drop a suitable question or variable into the [Filter] tab of an appropriate entry, it will be used as a positive response restrictor (so during data input only responses selected at the entry you dropped will be permitted at the current entry).

You can also drag a filter from the Main window and drop it onto an individual response (after clicking the [Responses] tab for the entry).  This will apply the filter to the response, or all selected responses if more than 1 response was selected at the [Responses] tab before the drag and drop.  If a number of filters are dragged and dropped onto the same number of selected responses, the filters will be applied in turn, one to each response (in the order they were displayed on Main window when they were dragged).

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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