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Kat's Corner

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Tip 6 - QPSMR Companion - Selected Entries Test

A short, but very sweet tip this time...

It is now possible to “test data entry” from just part of your questionnaire.  This is especially useful for long, complex surveys, allowing you to quickly test specific sections of your project, as required.

From the QPSMR Companion Main window, simply highlight the questions you would like to test (holding down the [Ctrl] key if necessary) then click [Answers] [Select entries test...] make your choices from the “Input Options” dialog box and click [OK].

You will then be able to work through your chosen questions on screen.

  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
If responses from other entries are required for the chosen questions to be tested, for example the questions are filtered on responses to other entries in the project, the other entries will automatically be included in the data entry test - you do not need to select them from the Main window – the program does that for you! And that’s all there is to it... I hope this short, simple tip will save you lots of questionnaire testing time!
QPSMR Companion Selected Entries Test

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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