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Kat's Corner

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Tip 3 - QPSMR Companion - Summary Rows In Seconds!

Like me, I am sure many of you will have spent time creating variables from existing questions, and then adding summary (net) rows, such as Top 2, Bottom 2 etc.

The extended facilities version of the QPSMR Companion has some features to help with this, allowing you to add summary rows to multiple variables in a matter of seconds!

Firstly, under [Global project settings] [Controls] there is a new check box to
[Paste single-coded as multi-coded variable], this means that if you copy a single-coded entry (or several single-coded entries) and then right-click [Paste as variable] the resulting variable(s) will be multi-coded ready for you to add the summary rows.

  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
Secondly, to add summary rows, highlight the multi-coded variable(s) and select [Edit] [Block update responses] [Summary rows]. Choose the responses you would like to make into a summary row holding down your Ctrl key if necessary (for example, responses “Very Good” and “Good” from a 5 point rating scale to become “Top 2”) and select [Top] and amend the text shown if required, then [Create new summary response]. Repeat this procedure until all summary rows have been included, choosing [Top], [Middle] or [Bottom] as appropriate.

QPSMR Companion Nets   Note you can use the move response selections [Up], [Down], [Top] and [Bottom] to re-position the summary rows.

Note also, that the number of variables that will be altered is shown at the top of the sheet.

When you are happy with the new summary rows (texts and positions) select [Apply changes].

Once applied the summary rows will show as scored through … don’t panic they will be there when you close the box!

That is all there is to it – summary rows in seconds!

Extra Tip: In order to use this feature, score values should be applied to the existing variable responses. If you have not already applied them, highlight the entries from the “Main” window and select [Edit] [Block update responses] [Score values] and add them – all of the highlighted entries with the response text shown will automatically updated with the scores you add here!

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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