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Kat's Corner

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Tip 2 - QPSMR Reflect - Questions vs. Variables!

This tip is for QPSMR Insight or QPSMR CATI users who are creating QPSMR Reflect files.

For those of you who are not familiar with QPSMR Reflect, it is the powerful end user analysis software, ideal for your clients, executives and project managers.

QPSMR Reflect can be downloaded free of charge from our website by clicking
User Notes, Example Files and Tutorials can also be downloaded.

I’m sure many of you know how to create QPSMR Reflect files, but for those who don’t - open your Question Definitions File (QDF) and from the Main window select [Data] [Export data] [Reflect export..] or use the QPSMR Reflect toolbar button.
QPSMR Kat's Corner

Choose the appropriate data file, enter a name for the QPSMR Reflect files you wish to create, and [Save]. This process generates 4 files that have the extensions QRF (the Reflect definitions file), ICF, IDF, ILF (intermediate data files) which you need to send to the end user.

That’s all there is to it!

But, have you noticed how some variables (entries created by combining other entries (or parts of other entries) that already exist) are included in the QPSMR Reflect files as variables (purple butterflies QPSMR Variable - where response definitions and texts can be viewed) and others as questions (yellow Qs QPSMR Question - showing response texts only)?

Here’s the tip …

Variables which appear after the last “real” question, in the list of entries in the QDF used to create the QPSMR Reflect files, will be included as variables. Those which appear in the list of entries positioned before the last “real” question will be converted to questions. So, if your end user would like to see variable response definitions, position your project variables after the last question, before creating the QPSMR Reflect files - simple!

For more information about QPSMR Reflect click here.

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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