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Kat's Corner

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Tip 1 - QPSMR Companion - Paste Special (Entry Duplication)

Hello everyone and welcome to the first in my “Kat’s Corner” series. Here I will provide some useful tips which I hope will help you to get the most out of your QPSMR software.

Recently when one of our support team finished explaining a QPSMR Companion shortcut, the user at the end of the line exclaimed “wow” (well more like “wooooooow” actually), so I thought I’d start with that same QPSMR Companion [Paste special …] tip, just in case you are unaware of the feature.

If you have defined a variable and you need the same variable “duplicated” but you would like the responses in the duplicated variable to refer to another question, it is possible to use the QPSMR Companion [Paste special …] options.

  QPSMR Kat's Corner 
Simply [Copy] the variable you have made, highlight the entry you would like the new variable to be pasted after, and select [Paste special …].

At the “Paste special” dialog box, on the left hand side enter a name for the new variable you are about to paste.

Next, on the right hand side, notice that the entry used in the copied variable definition is shown in the “Entries referred to by clipboard entries” box.

Simply click the entry currently shown and in the box below the display overtype the question that you would like the new variable to refer to and click [Paste entries].
  QPSMR Companion Paste Special

QPSMR Companion Paste Special 2
A new variable will be created with the question you specified used in the response definitions.

This feature would be very useful if you had a number of questions all of which had as their responses the same very long brand list and you needed to combine or alter the responses by making variables for each original question.

Just define the first variable, then [Copy], [Paste special …] name and then change the question referred to, to make the next variable. Then repeat until all variables have been made.

Don’t forget to update the variable texts if you need to!

If more than one entry is referred to in the responses of the variable, all of the entries will be shown in the “Entries referred to by clipboard entries” box for you to overtype all or just some of them, as necessary. If a filter is applied to the variable the entry, or entries, that make up the filter will also be shown, so they too can easily be changed if required.

I hope you found these notes useful.  Look out for more tips coming soon.

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