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QPSMR Insight Tutorial 1

This tutorial is intended for the first time user of QPSMR Insight. It explains how to process a very simple survey, and covers designing the questionnaire, entering data, obtaining topline summary results and producing tables.

QPSMR Insight Tutorial 2

This tutorial is intended for new users who have previously worked through QPSMR Tutorial 1 ("classic" version). Using the simple questionnaire created in Tutorial 1 as a base, this document explains how to create different question types, how to use filters, carry forward text, range checks, score values and interviewer instructions. It also covers coding, data entry, updating data and using a different data file, data lists, the creation of variables and print styles are also explained, along with defining tables, applying global settings, format options and printing the finished tables.

QPSMR Office

Click the appropriate download button below to download the tutorial folders (zipped). Each folder contains the tutorials in Word or PDF format, plus any files needed.

QPSMR Tutorials Download

QPSMR Tutorials Download

Once you have downloaded your preferred format (Word or PDF) using the download button above, you will have a zip file which we recommend is saved to the folder C:\My Projects.

Open the zip file, then copy and paste/extract the tutorial folders into the C:\My Projects folder on your computer, so you can follow the tutorial instructions exactly.

Once you have extracted the zip file, you will see 2 folders [QPSMR Insight Tutorial 1] and [QPSMR Insight Tutorial 2] each containing all the files you need. Simply double click the Word document or PDF file in the [QPSMR Insight Tutorial 1] folder to begin.

If you need any assistance with the download procedure or when working through the tutorials, please contact the QPSMR Support Team by email info@qpsmr.ltd.uk or by telephone
+44 (0) 1491 825644