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QPSMR Companion Reflect is the end user analysis software - ideal for use by clients, executives and project managers, allowing them to produce extra cross tables in a matter of minutes. New variables, filters and statistical tests can easily be included and tables are automatically numbered, formatted and displayed in the user’s favourite spreadsheet program.

QPSMR Companion Reflect requires special files which can easily be generated from projects created with the full QPSMR Companion software*.


Click the appropriate download button below for your QPSMR Companion Reflect Software:

64-bit version
For 64-bit computers only - ideal for very large projects

QPSMR Companion Software Download

32-bit version
For use on 32-bit or 64-bit computers

QPSMR Companion Software Download


* If you need help obtaining files for use with QPSMR Companion Reflect, please contact bureau@qpsmr.ltd.uk for a quote to supply QPSMR Companion Reflect files from your projects.