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QPSMR Companion Input is ideal for use by in-house staff, outworkers and companies who specialise data entry from paper questionnaires. It may also be installed on laptops, notebooks, netbooks or tablet PCs for personal interviewing (CAPI) or for use at hall tests.

QPSMR Companion Input requires a special pre-defined questionnaire input file (qpsmrinp) which can easily be generated from projects created with the full QPSMR Companion software*.

Please note: QPSMR Companion Input may NOT be used for CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing). For CATI the classic QPSMR Telin software is required.

Click the appropriate button below to download your QPSMR Companion Input Software:

QPSMR Companion Input
for Windows
  QPSMR Companion Input
for Android

Ideal for data entry from paper questionnaires and CAPI interviewing, using devices that run a full Windows OS (requires a qpsmrinp file).

64-bit version
For 64-bit computers only - ideal for very large projects

QPSMR Companion Software Download

32-bit version
For use on 32-bit or 64-bit computers

QPSMR Companion Software Download
QPSMR Companion Input for devices that run Android OS (version 6 or above).

Note: This is a beta test version with limited functionality.

QPSMR Companion Software Download

Please email sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk for more details about the Android version, and to receive supervisor and interviewer notes.

* If you need help obtaining files for use with QPSMR Companion Input, please contact sales@qpsmr.ltd.uk


If you prefer to use the classic QPSMR Input software, and/or you wish to verify paper questionnaires, please CLICK HERE to download the software, user notes and example files.